Supporting Sports

As part of the innovative high-tech community, we are helping to strengthen Russia's status as a leader in various fields. Sports, like IT, are an integral part of a strong and successful country. Asteros is pleased to support initiatives in sport and to play a part in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Yury Byakov
Chairman of the Board of the Asteros Group

In addition to creating high-tech infrastructure for sports facilities, stadiums, playing fields and racecourses, the Asteros Group is implementing a comprehensive program which aims to develop and promote Russian basketball.

We have already been a sponsor of the VTB United League for several years. We also sponsor qualifying tournaments, charity basketball matches, predictions contests and the Fantasy League.

Asteros was involved in the first spectacular competitions in Moscow and Khimki in December 2011. Today, the league has expanded geographically and stretches all the way from Kaliningrad to the eastern part of Russia and includes neighboring countries like Lithuania, for example. Thousands of fans, both young and old, can now witness thrilling, lively matches between the best junior and adult basketball teams, attend the colorful Match of Stars games, watch charity events, and cheer for their favorite teams at the student basketball festival on Red Square.

Every once in a while, the top management of the Asteros Group changes its business attire to sportswear and joins other basketball enthusiasts on the court. In 2013, our anniversary year, Andrey Cheremnykh, CEO of the Asteros Group, hosted an unforgettable game as part of the charitable Match of Stars with famous politicians, businessmen, performing artists and sports veterans in attendance. Funds raised during the game were sent to the Shag Vmeste Charitable Foundation (Eng. Step Together) to help children suffering from cerebral palsy.

Today, Asteros also supports the International Student Basketball League (ISBL) and the Yaroslavl Regional Basketball Federation, playing its part in developing the sports industry in Russia and promoting new trends in family recreational activities.

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