Solutions for Sports and Leisure Facilities

Asteros Group builds engineering and IT infrastructures for sports facilities meeting international standards and environmental regulations:

  • Stadiums and sports arenas
  • Race tracks and velodromes
  • Ice sports arenas
  • Horce racing tracks
  • Swimming pools
  • Alpine slopes and ski jumping facilities

As a general contractor, Asteros delivers full range of engineering and IT system design and deployment services:

  • Engineering infrastructure
  • Sports and entertainment lighting
  • Theatrical systems and entertainment sound
  • Information infrastructure:
    • Data networks
    • Telecommunications systems
    • Wireless access to services
    • Satellite, cable and terrestrial TV
    • Clock synchronization and time display systems
    • TV broadcasting and video recording systems
    • Information screens and scoreboards
    • Multimedia systems
    • Arena sound systems
    • Advertising display systems
  • Physical security systems
  • Information security systems
  • Site automation and flow control systems
  • Sports event support systems:
    • Refereeing systems
    • IT support systems for commentary boxes
  • Integrated control centers:
    • Site management (event management systems)
    • Sports event management
  • Special-purpose systems
    • Ticketing and box office systems
    • Access control systems and turnstiles
    • Automation systems for hospitality industry
    • Club systems
    • Timekeeping systems for service personnel
    • Parking lot automation systems
    • Rent automation systems
    • Electronic locker systems for self-storage and locker rooms, hotels and residential properties
    • Accreditation systems

Asteros uses geographic information systems and BIM models to design and build resilient infrastructures meeting requirements of international sports organizations including International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

Benefits for the clients:

  • A sports facility with state-of-the-art scalable engineering infrastructure designed to last decades
  • Stronger image of a sports facility and high-level event organization
  • Precise cost and timeline estimates thanks to virtual site modeling
  • Reduced operational expenses of a sports facility thanks to use of intelligent technologies

These benefits together with strong financials of site operations and management create a unique set of opportunities for site owners as well as sports and entertainment event organizers.

Why Asteros:

  • A general contractor and a single point of responsibility for project delivery
  • Possession of all necessary self-regulated organization certificates for infrastructure design and construction, as well as electric power surveillance of construction sites
  • Use of latest information technologies and methods
  • Unmatched expertise in construction of sports arenas meeting requirements of FIFA, UEFA, Football Union of Russia, Continental Hockey League (KHL) and other sports associations
  • In addition to sports site infrastructures, we build social and transportation infrastructures (Asteros built turnkey infrastructure for Sochi International Airport in 2010 as a part of Russian Olympic preparation program)

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