Sports Facilities

Year after year, Russia continues to strengthen its status as a leading sports power, showing great potential as a host of international competitions. Innovative technologies, which ensure high-quality facilities management, optimal operating costs, and the safety of spectators, are an integral part of modern sports facilities such as stadiums, swimming pools and racecourses.

The Asteros Group has vast experience developing and implementing large-scale projects for the sports industry, including engineering infrastructure, IT systems, and comprehensive security systems.

Turn-key construction services for sports facilities

Engineering and IT Infrastructure

Building turn-key infrastructure for all types of sports facilities

Sports associations like FIFA, UEFA, and the Football Union of Russia (FUR) have strict requirements for sports facilities. These requirements concern stadium layout, location of screens, the lighting system, crowd management, transportation, and other factors. In addition to this, sports facilities are complex organisms in which buildings and the surrounding area are interlaced by various engineering and IT systems.

Asteros deploys engineering and IT infrastructure and sets up facilities control centers in order to build fully-integrated stadiums which meet the requirements of sports organizations.

You can evaluate the unique expertise of the Asteros Group by looking at our projects completed for the Olympic Village in Sochi and at three racecourses in Turkmenistan as examples.

Comprehensive Security

From the comfort of spectators to safe venues

During matches, comprehensive security systems are responsible for the safety of tens of thousands of spectators and players. A balanced solution includes physical and information security systems and a control center. This guarantees organizers of sporting events a prompt warning about emergencies such as unauthorized access, fires, and large crowds of fans, and provides a rapid response to minimize the negative consequences should these situations occur.

Today, the Asteros team is developing concepts for integrating low-current cable systems at the Olympic Village and group of facilities in Sochi as well as deploying comprehensive security systems throughout VTB Arena Park. As part of implementing the Safe City program in Sochi, the infrastructure for an emergency control center, including a management system, has been created. By 2014, the city's infrastructure will be equipped with a full-scale video surveillance system.

Sport Systems

High quality sports events for athletes and fans

Meticulous infrastructure planning and high-quality technical support during games ensure players and fans maximum comfort and an unforgettable experience. Stadium owners and investors benefit from the increased commercial value of sports facilities and a reduction of operating expenses of their IT infrastructure.

To achieve these high standards, Asteros offers the latest sports technologies and specialized systems:

  • informational video screens and scoreboards
  • sports and concert lighting systems
  • arena public address (PA) systems
  • sports event management systems, photo-finish timing systems, conference systems, simultaneous translation systems, television transmission systems, wind measurement systems, etc
  • venue specialized systems (ticket sales systems, club systems, employee scheduling systems, automated parking and rental systems, accreditation systems, etc.)

The Asteros approach is a balanced solution which encompasses technological effectiveness, functionality, and reliable sites for sporting achievements.

As a result, our clients receive:

  • sports facilities with state-of-the-art infrastructure skillfully integrated into the urban landscape and designed for decades of use
  • reliable, functional, and durable equipment
  • precise cost and time estimates of construction projects utilizing 3D modeling of facilities
  • improved reputation of sports venues, a high level of event organization
  • reduced maintenance expenses for sports complexes because of smart technologies

What makes Asteros different

Supporting Sports

Asteros is not only involved in building world-class sports facilities we also support basketball in Russia

Green Building

We support innovative construction projects that focus on energy efficiency and the environment.

This is not just a green boom, but reality. We know which eco-systems need to be considered when building infrastructure for sports facilities. We are committed to utilizing the latest environmental technologies in your projects:

  • Environmentally-friendly building materials and coatings
  • Power supply systems for buildings which run on renewable energy sources
  • Natural lighting systems using energy-efficient or natural daylighting technologies are integrated into the architecture of sports facilities
  • Ventilation and heat exchange systems
  • Systems for reusing rainwater and meltwater from ice rinks
  • Smart water supply systems
  • Solutions to reduce energy consumption (LEDs, low-emissivity glass, a media facade, reflective pavement coating) and other innovations
Why Asteros

We are a single center of responsibility and possess a wealth of experience in the fields of engineering, IT infrastructure and security.

  • Efficient integrated project management and stage-by-stage construction of infrastructure for grand sports facilities of the highest quality and with strict adherence to deadlines
  • Unrivalled expertise in building infrastructure for sports facilities and their surrounding territories according to the requirements of international sports organizations, such as the International Olympic Committee, FIFA and other sports associations
  • Our experience in construction projects is not limited to infrastructure for sports facilities, but also includes social and transportation infrastructure (e.g. airports)
  • Our expertise in the field of sustainable building continues to grow

Striving for victory with Asteros

Achieve all your goals together with the Asteros Group. You will receive exclusive business development opportunities. We strive to create favorable conditions so that you can reach your most elusive goals.

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