Asteros and SITRONICS build an enterprise Data Center for Bashneft

Dec 15, 2011

Asteros and SITRONICS built one of the largest enterprise data centers in the Ural region for Bashneft. The new data center allowed Bashneft to consolidate its IT resources and became the core component of its centralized IT infrastructure.

Bashneft is a vertically integrated oil company having exploration and production operations at more than 170 oil fields in Bashkortostan, Orenburg Region, and Khanty-Mansi and Nenets Autonomous Districts. The company operates three refineries and a petrochemical factory and sells its products in Russia and abroad having a network of 460 filling stations in three regions. Bashneft also offers wholesale products through its branch offices in more than 20 regions of Russia.

To ensure centralized management and highly reliable access to data and business-critical applications, Bashneft decided to deploy a new, powerful and resilient data center.

SITRONICS Bashkortostan and Asteros were jointly granted this project. SITRONICS Bashkortostan, a member of SITRONICS Information Technologies, acted as the general contractor.

The goal was to build a turnkey 400 sqm data center. Asteros performed a full range of work from choosing construction site to commissioning all engineering and support systems.

The new data center had a total of 18 systems including local area network; data storage system; physical security, power supply, ventilation and air conditioning, fire control, fire alarm, access control, burglar alarm, video surveillance and emergency alarm systems; as well as equipment control and management systems.

2N redundancy ensures reliability and accessibility of critical engineering systems beyond Uptime Institute Tier III requirements. A complex cooling system maintains climate-controlled environment of rack with total load of up to 560 kW. It addition to conventional cooling modules, it uses dedicated cooling devices located between racks.

In this data center, we used world-leading solutions and state-of-the-art equipment from the leading global manufacturers. For example, its local area network and data storage systems are based on Cisco and EMC technologies. Specially designed Lampertz security room provide physical protection from external interference. Power supply systems are based on solutions by APC and Schneider Electric. Access control, burglar alarm and remote control systems use BOLID and Delta Controls products.

"This data center is designed to support further development and expansion of the range of IT services offered through it. All systems were deployed in compliance with the international ANSI/TIA/EIA-942 standard and internal Bashneft's standard for engineering facilities. The new data center serves as the core of a centralized and reliable IT infrastructure and helps significantly reduce operational costs of IT systems", says Alexey Karpov, Head of Engineering Systems Department at Asteros.

"The client gave us 14 months for this project—from development of specifications to production launch. This was a very tough turnaround time considering the top quality requirement. As the result, both client and us learned a lot, and got a lot of reasons to be proud of ourselves", says Boris Kharas, Managing Director of SITRONICS Bashkortostan.

"It is impossible to imagine efficient development of an organization and improvement of its business processes without a certain level of reliability and flexibility of its IT infrastructure. Building a modern and powerful data center was a strategic decision helping to reduce operational risks associated with unscheduled IT system downtime and securing a completely new level IT support for the core business processes", says Igor Kalyuzhny, Bashneft's Vice President of Information Technologies.

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