KABEST ensures safety and security in Novosibirsk Metro

Jul 18, 2012

KABEST, a member of Asteros Group, deployed a comprehensive safety and security system in Novosibirsk Metro. CCTV and radiation control systems as well as passenger and baggage security checkpoints have been installed at 6 out of 13 metro stations, helping to monitor station security and ensure safety of all passengers.

Novosibirsk Metro is the third busiest metro system in Russia serving over 200 thousand passengers daily and requiring heightened security measures. Late in 2011, Novosibirsk Metro was one of the first in Russia to launch a compliance initiative in order to meet the requirements of Russian Federal Transportation Security Program. KABEST submitted a winning bid in an open tender for development of project documentation and deployment of a comprehensive metro security system.

Up until now, KABEST fully equipped 6 out of 13 stations. Newly deployed critical security systems include:

  • Video surveillance. Camera feeds are connected to the central monitoring station allowing to constantly monitor metro stations.
  • Radiation control. All turnstiles are equipped with radiation detectors which lock the turnstiles and notify the central monitoring center in response to radiation.
  • Passenger and baggage security checkpoints. Stationary and mobile control points were installed in dedicated station areas for random passenger and baggage security checks.

All security systems deliver information to the central monitoring center which was upgraded with additional servers, uninterruptible power supplies, monitors and other components. Instant data delivery enables monitoring staff on duty to coordinate activities of security personnel.

The comprehensive security system is scheduled for completion at the remaining metro stations in 2012-2013.

"Ensuring public transport safety is a key objective for the government. Novosibirsk is the first Russian city showcasing an integrated approach to compliance with the Federal Metro Safety Program. A single systems integrator was contracted for all work that needs to be done to ensure efficient project management and control, and quicker system deployment. Novosibirsk Metro was the first in Russia to get an operational comprehensive security system meeting all necessary requirements," says Nikolay Konkin, Chairman of the Board, KABEST.

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