Asteros gets new terminal of Vladivostok Airport ready for APEC 2012

Oct 09, 2012

Asteros completed full-scale IT infrastructure deployment in the new Knevichi Terminal of Vladivostok International Airport. The new IT system successfully served the needs of aircraft, passengers and official delegations through the whole duration of APEC Summit 2012.

"Vladivostok International Airport (VVO) is the main air transportation hub connecting Russia with Asia Pacific region, and a key component of Primorsky Krai's transportation system. The new Knevichi Terminal built from scratch right before the APEC 2012 was designed to be a state-of-the-art high-tech aviation facility with self-contained infrastructure meeting extremely stringent requirements on transportation safety and service quality. Asteros designed and deployed comprehensive engineering and security systems in the new terminal.

The three-level building of Knevichi Terminal features a structured cabling system spanning more than 60 kilometers. Its local area network is designed to support 1250 workstations, while a comprehensive security system built upon the latest digital technologies features the following components:

  • CCTV surveillance system
  • Access control and management system
  • Security alarm
  • Emergency notification and evacuation system

In addition, Asteros rolled out various solutions for streamlined airport operation including clock synchronization, audio recording and video surveillance systems.

"Expansion and upgrade of Knevichi gave us more than just new technical capabilities and functionalityit was in fact a significant step forward in development of air services in Primorye. We hope that VVO will become a top ten airport in Asia Pacific region within the next five years. New service levels will help us attract more Russian and international airlines, increase air traffic and reduce airport and ATC charges. For residents of Primorsky Krai, this would mean greater accessibility and variety of destinations, added prestige and overall attractiveness of the whole region," explains Dmitry Chernenkov, CEO, Terminal Vladivostok Company.

"Reliable infrastructure operation and compliance with very high security standards were the key requirements of this project. This is why we used solutions that we already road-tested in our projects for Sochi, Gelendzhik and Pulkovo airports, though we customized them to individual environment and requirements of the operator (VVO). Several original projects needed significant revisions on the spot at implementation phase since we needed to align with construction work, integrate with existing terminal and deliver the whole solution on time to provide high-quality support to APEC Summit," said Dmitry Trofimov, Head of Transportation and Aviation Department, Asteros.

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