Asteros is providing guests with a comfortable environment at the Sochi Olympic Village

May 30, 2013

The Asteros Group has approached the final stages of implementing the engineering and IT infrastructure for the Sochi Olympic Village.

The Olympic Village is a group of facilities being built to host thousands of athletes who will be participating in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in February 2014. For their convenience, each facility has reception areas, restaurants, fitness centers, TV viewing rooms to watch the competitions, service centers and other features. All of these facilities require powerful infrastructure.

The Asteros Group is acting as both a concept designer and a provider of engineering and IT infrastructure in its work as part of the construction team at the Olympic Village. Security systems, monitoring solutions and structured cabling systems are being implemented at all the facilities. This infrastructure covers 56 buildings of various heights where 3,500 guests will live during the Olympics.

The IT infrastructure will serve as the foundation for solutions ensuring the comfort and safety of residents at the Olympic Village. Guests will be provided with modern telephony, Wi-Fi and a centralized television system. Safety is guaranteed by a multifunctional building access control system which uses sensors and alarm buttons.

Asteros engineers have laid down about 600 kilometers of cable and continue to work on implementing an on-site network at the Olympic Village.

After the 2014 Winter Olympics, the properties of the Olympic Village will be repurposed. The professionals from Asteros have taken this into account and constructed the engineering and IT infrastructure so that the buildings would also suit the needs of their new residents and owners.

On the one hand, the project in the Olympic Village was implemented using Asteros' key areas of expertise: engineering and IT infrastructure, information and security systems, and IT and other services. On the other hand, it adds to the Asteros Group's list of projects for Sochi. There is the Safe Sochi video surveillance system and the Sochi International Airport uses the infrastructure of 37 information and aviation business systems implemented by the professionals from Asteros. As the airport continues to develop, the company continues to supply it with the necessary IT infrastructure. In particular, solutions from Asteros will be used in the airport's VIP terminal and in the new terminal fingers with passenger boarding bridges.

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