Sheremetyevo International Airport is implementing the Asteros Contact Avia mobile check-in solution

Jan 29, 2014

In January, a pilot project offering passengers an express check-in service began at Sheremetyevo International Airport. The service uses the Asteros Contact Avia mobile application and makes it possible to work with the airport's systems using mobile devices. In such a way, check-in agents can register passengers for all flights anywhere in the airport terminal and don't need to be at a specific check-in counter. Using a tablet PC and portable printer, they can carry out all the necessary procedures, print and issue passengers with boarding passes for their flights quickly and easily. As a result, the airport reduces waiting time and makes it possible to maximize passenger throughput during peak hours without installing additional check-in counters.

The mobile application also makes it possible to check in late passengers who did not succeed in registering at an airline's regular check-in counters in time. However, it must be noted that the standard check-in deadline for flights is 40 minutes before departure. In the future, the use of this service will make it a lot easier to register groups of passengers, including those with young children, as well as air travelers with disabilities, who may be uncomfortable staying in the general check-in areas.

As part of a testing exercise, professionals from Asteros equipped the working area of Sheremetyevo's check-in agents and conducted training on the Asteros Contact Avia system. The first tests of the Asteros Contact Avia mobile application demonstrated the system's efficiency and confirmed that it was easy for all the employees who took part in the testing exercise to learn its functional capabilities.

The mobile check-in service is like ordering food straight from the line-up at a fast food restaurant, said Alexey Demidov, Head of Asteros Labs. As a passenger, you save time and the airport can reduce the number of passengers in the check-in area and optimize its operating costs. In addition to this, Asteros Contact Avia's intuitive interface is so easy to learn that virtually no training is required. Employees who have been trained can easily train others to use this system.

Sheremetyevo strives to provide passengers with maximum comfort and is constantly expanding its range of check-in services, noted Dmitry Kaigorodov, Director of the Management Board for Passenger Traffic Organization at Sheremetyevo Airport. We were one of the first to introduce preliminary online check-in, but this mobile application is a completely new concept in passenger service. We feel confident that the express check-in service has a promising long-term outlook and will be in demand.

Presently, all airline passengers can use the mobile check-in service, provided that the size of their carry-on baggage does not exceed established norms and they do not belong to a special category of passengers, who can only be checked in at the actual check-in counters in the airport.

Sheremetyevo and Asteros have plans to carry out other methods of checking in passengers, not including those that require special screening measures. It should be noted that Asteros Contact Avia was developed specifically for airports by Asteros Labs (part of the Asteros Group) with the support of the innovative Skolkovo Foundation. Due to its simple, versatile check-in interface, Asteros Contact Avia makes it possible for airport agents to check in passengers for flights of various airlines at any counter using the common check-in principle. Integrating Asteros Contact Avia with the airport's operational database enables the collection of statistical information in real time, which makes long-term resource planning possible.

Last year, Asteros Contact Avia received certification from ARINC, the global market leader of air passenger registration systems, which confirmed the solution's compliance with the industry standard of 150 international airports.

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