Asteros creates benchmark IT infrastructure for new Gazprom subsidiary headquarters

Nov 30, 2015

The Asteros Group completes its project for creation of the IT infrastructure and multimedia complex at the Gazprom Export central office in downtown St. Petersburg.

The new office of Gazprom’s daughter company, Gazprom Export, is located at Palazzo Rossi, a renovated seven-story building at 2a Ostrovsky Square near the Alexandrinsky Theater.

Work on construction of the Gazprom Export headquarters included modifications to the interior layout, reinforcement of load-bearing structures, efforts to install HVAC systems for the building, and the implementation of a telecom and IT infrastructure up to the latest international standards. The Asteros Group was involved in the project first as a design partner and later in the deployment of the IT and multimedia infrastructure for the new office.

The design phase took an extended period of time. Five different design options were developed before the Asteros specialists could begin deployment. This resulted in a tight schedule for the IT integrator to supply the office with a comprehensive reliable and modern IT infrastructure. The heart of this infrastructure is a fully automated security room provided by Lampertz, the global leader in modular physical protection facilities that meets the highest security requirements.

The Gazprom Export office also has most up-to-date systems for telephone communications, digital television, multimedia, and video conferencing services. The main atrium includes a video wall with narrow bezel displays, a total area of 7.5 × 4 m, and 4K resolution. A second media panel with an area of 7.5 × 2 m and 2K resolution is located in the conference hall. Each meeting room was created with the principles of smart facilities in mind, including central control of all systems from a tablet device. The office is also furnished with a local area network, a wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, and SCS cabling, in addition to power supply equipment, an environmental control system, and electrics, including radio communications, a master clock system, and equipment for utility rooms.

A crucial phase of the project involved moving the IT systems to the new office. The Asteros professionals needed to migrate the IT equipment and business applications used by Gazprom Export from Moscow to St. Petersburg without any interruption in office operations. These critical systems were migrated over the course of 10 non-business days.

“The fact that the space was organized around an atrium presented us with real obstacles in implementing a number of systems,” said Alexei Kulikov, Project Director, Asteros Group. All told, the project took three months, which is an unbelievable time frame for creating the T infrastructure for an office at this level. It could certainly not have happened without the contributions of the Gazprom Export team, headed by Alexander Medvedev, the Deputy Chair of the Gazprom board of directors; Elena Burmistrova, the CEO of Gazprom Export; and Georgy Simonyan, the Deputy CEO of Gazprom Export, who oversaw the process. We worked literally shoulder to shoulder with them to make it possible to launch the new facility on time. I believe that the Russian Palazzo office can be considered a model for how to create a ready-to-operate IT infrastructure.

Without a doubt, the Gazprom Export headquarters by the Alexandrinsky Theater in Petersburg is one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the city, noted Alexander Medvedev. Its exterior complements the architecture of Ostrovsky Square, while the interior facilities meet the latest technological standards. Despite the difficulties faced in redoing the layout and finishing, we achieved the desired result. We would like to thank the partners that worked with us on this project, along with the business departments and other units of Gazprom Export, all of whom met their objectives in a professional and timely manner.

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