Asteros deploys cutting-edge Avaya call center for Russian Agricultural Bank

May 23, 2016

The Asteros Group, the Russian market leader in development of comprehensive infrastructure and security systems, has completed implementation of an Avaya-based call center for the Russian Agricultural Bank. The newly launched high-tech contact center fields around 10,000 customer calls from all regions of Russia 24×7 and makes it possible to connect with the bank via the website and email. The project led to the creation of over 500 new jobs in Petrozavodsk, including 300 call center agent positions.

The Russian Agricultural Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia in terms of assets and capital, and provides a full range of banking services. As an active participant in the social and economic development of the Northwestern Federal District of Russia, the banks management made a decision to create a new call center in Petrozavodsk to serve businesses and individuals. The new Russian Agricultural Bank unit has taken up residence on several floors of Alliance business center. The call center agents work in shifts to take calls to Petrozavodsk from all the various time zones across Russia. Not surprisingly, Moscow leads the pack in the number of requests from the Central Federal District and Saint Petersburg is the leader in the Northwest. In addition to the standard functionality of a call center and the opening of new remote service channels, the project involved automation of business processes related to customer service, including telemarketing, underwriting and soft collection tools. The bank entrusted project implementation to the Asteros Group.

When designing the Russian Agricultural Bank contact center, the Asteros experts took into account the architecture, layout and networking principles of the clients existing IT infrastructure, along with the banks information security requirements. For example, the primary call center computing facilities are located at the banks data center in Moscow while the contact center with 300 agents is in Petrozavodsk. The call centers fail-safe gateway is managed from a central PBX and can work offline if necessary.

The architecture of the Russian Agricultural Bank call center is based on the most advanced Avaya solutions with the widest assortment of features and all its main components are virtualized. The Avaya Interaction Center platform is the core of the system and its business logic. It provides for call routing across all channels, including voice, email and web chat, in a single queue. Work with client accounts payable is using the Avaya Proactive Contact high performance outbound customer contact solution. The Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager personalized customer awareness system provides for proactive customer notification about new marketing campaigns and serves other telemarketing purposes and is based on the Avaya Aura Experience Portal self-service module. Avaya Callback Assist module, also based on Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager, helps customers schedule a callback using IVR or the banks website. The banks Internet site can also be used to call the contact center through a web browser without using a telephone. The Avaya One-Touch Video system made this user-friendly feature possible, and this platform will be used in the future as the basis for a video call function.

The agents desktop for both incoming calls and outbound communications is a Siebel CRM workspace enhanced with call management and operator status tools. This was made possible through integration of the Siebel CRM system with the Avaya Interaction Center and Avaya Proactive Contact modules. For quality assurance, complete recording of customer calls and optional screen recording are implemented on the basis of the Avaya WFO Contact Recorder. In addition, quality assurance statistics are collected through customer feedback. The Avaya WFO Customer Feedback system helps automate the acquisition, categorization, and analysis of customer feedback. Avaya WFO Workforce Management was deployed in order to plan agent staffing, schedule shifts promptly, and automatically track adherence to the schedule in the constantly variable work load.

Customer awareness of the banks products and services is achieved by personalization of their needs, along with attention to sales and marketing techniques, which helps to increase conversion, develop customer loyalty, and maximize profits, stated Vitaly Solomatin, Head of the Sales Support Division in the Asteros Group VOIP and Call Centers department. The newly launched Russian Agricultural Bank call center has all functionality necessary for delivering top-of-the-line services. An outstanding feature of this project is the broad range of the call centers capabilities: not every client can claim to have such an all-encompassing range of solutions.

An effective call center is a complex system that can provide a high quality of service while meeting the customers current needs at the lowest possible cost, noted Alexey Krivosheev, Head of Corporate Client Relations at Avaya. Automated call handling, virtualization, and integration of telecom systems with banking applications a synergy of the latest solutions based on the scalable Avaya Aura platform — ensured investment security over the long term. Speaking for the entire company, we are happy to collaborate with the business in its drive to be at the forefront of the latest technologies.

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