Asteros to create integrated security system for the innovative VTB Arena Park area

Nov 14, 2016

The Asteros Group will develop an integrated security system encompassing the sports, entertainment, shopping, and residential facilities of the VTB Arena Park and the adjacent area. The project will include deployment of dozens of systems as part of the security infrastructure for effective prevention of and response to potential threats.

The Asteros Group will consolidate all the security systems of the various areas comprising the VTB Arena Park, including sports and recreation facilities, hotels and residential areas, and utility areas. When completed, the project will minimize the likelihood of security-related incidents throughout the 32-hectare complex, which includes the renovated Dynamo Central Stadium, the Sports Academy, the Dynamo Sports and Recreation Park, as well as the Arena Park city block, including the headquarters of the Dynamo Society, the Hyatt Regency Moscow hotel, Petrovsky Park, and high-end apartments and office buildings.

Working closely with experts from the Dynamo Management Company, Asteros plans to provide the site with a physical protection and security equipment system. The design documentation for the site includes deployment of systems for video surveillance, access control and management, lighting, and evacuation management, as well as installation of security alarms, automatic fire alarms, and more.

The clean area will be surrounded by a security perimeter that includes a video surveillance system, a ticketing and vehicle access system with video identification, pedestrian access control points with the latest inspection equipment, and other tools to ensure public safety. These will include the use of security devices for protection against sabotage and terrorist attacks, making it possible to keep the site free of hazardous substances and items such as explosives, cold weapons, and firearms. All sub-systems and components providing security for the VTB Arena Park will operate in tandem with a data acquisition and display system. Information regarding the current situation will be aggregated from various sources at situation assessment centers for real-time monitoring and rapid response to potential security threats.

The VTB Arena Park infrastructure is built to factor in the needs of a very diverse range of client groups, from the citizens who live and work at or near the site, to tourists from around the world, as well as athletes and fans, says Sergei Velichev, Manager of Dynamo Management Companys Security Department. It is estimated that the traffic flow might reach 100,000 persons per day. With this in mind, one of our key objectives it to ensure a high level of comfort and safety throughout the area. We conducted rigorous screening of the IT integrators and security specialty companies and we evaluated them based mainly on their experience in working with custom sports facilities and in using advanced technologies while accounting for import substitution restrictions. We also took into account their ability to use their own production resources and knowledge base. And we made the decision to go with Asteros. With our partners, we are now adhering firmly to the work plan and progressing toward the goal.

VTB Arena Park is perhaps the most ambitious urban construction project in the country. It is multi-faceted, and in many ways unique. A whole complex of various facilities is being developed in a relatively small area with dense urban construction. Given the public significance and the value of the site in the history of soccer, security here is no minor consideration. Together with the VTB Arena Park team, our task is to unite all the security and protection tools for all areas and facilities and thus create a sort of security ecosystem for the whole thing. We are certainly using the experience we gained during the Sochi Olympics, but we are also expecting to gain new skills and considerably enrich our expertise with regard to comprehensive security for sites designed for large crowds, notes Vladimir Shelepov, Head of the Asteros Comprehensive Security Division.

In addition to the integrated security system, Asteros plans to create multimedia, engineering, and IT infrastructure throughout the various areas of the VTB Arena Park. The foundation for the collaboration between Asteros and VTB Arena Park was laid in 2010 when the company took part in creating the master plan for the innovative urban infrastructure project.

The VTB Arena Park project has been honored with a number of awards, including an RREF Award in the City Within a City category and the Best Project in Russia award from the experts in the MIPIM Awards 2014 competition. The project has twice won the prestigious European Property Awards prize, in both 2013 and 2014.

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