Upgrade of MegaFon's Caucasus regional branch call center

Project objectives:

  • Reduce number of abandoned calls and average wait time
  • Improve quality of customer service and business profitability
  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Ensure fault tolerance of call center systems

We started merging multiple legacy call centers into a single centralized call center in Krasnodar in December 2008. In the first phase, Asteros audited existing customer interaction processes and designed a new distributed call center architecture. The next step was to deploy state-of-the-art communications equipment in all call centers throughout the region.

As a part of call center upgrade, we deployed:

  • Interactive Voice Response System
  • Multimedia Call Management System
  • Automated Calling Syste

Merger of legacy call centers provided the following technological benefits:

  • Centralized hardware and software management
  • Threefold increase in reliability of Avaya Interaction Center and Voice Portal systems as well as Avaya Enablement Services telecommunications integration server
  • Call center flexibility allowing to alter its infrastructure or operational processes with minimum effort and costs.

The unified call center network employs 200 customer service representatives of MegaFon's Caucasus Regional Branch handling an average of 50,000 calls per day.

This project helped us achieve an important goal of optimizing call center development costs while also increasing its reliability... Together with Asteros, we deployed a multimedia call management system, an interactive voice response system, and an automated calling system.

Pavel Tabashnikov, Vice President of IT, Megafon North Caucasus

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