Overhaul of SO UES Regional Control Center in Chelyabinsk Region

SO UES is an integrated energy operator responsible for centralized operational control of all facilities within the Unified Energy System of Russia (UES of Russia) and for implementation of strategic investment projects in this area. SO UES operates a network of 66 branches across Russia.

SO UES decided to completely renovate an office building hosting its Regional Control Center to improve reliability and stability of its energy facility operations in Chelyabinsk oblast. Chelyabinsk Regional Control Center currently manages 5 largest electricity generating companies in the region and maintains some 400 transmission lines and more than 190 transformer and distribution substations. Running this much equipment requires a powerful, reliable and modern IT infrastructure supporting continuous and stable operation of control center.

Asteros was hired as a general contractor for this project in an open tender and will perform all construction work and build the new IT and engineering infrastructure of the building from scratch.

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