Outsourcing of IT infrastructure maintenance for MRSK Siberia

MRSK Siberia (Interregional Distributive Grid Company of Siberia) is the largest distribution network operator in the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation. To reduce IT infrastructure maintenance costs and ensure single level of quality for all IT services, MRSK Siberia made a decision to outsource the whole function of their IT assets maintenance.

As part of the outsourcing agreement, Asteros was entrusted with the maintenance and development of all the IT-assets at MRSK Siberia, its subsidiaries (Altaienergo, Buryatenergo, Omskenergo, Chitaenergo, Khakasenergo, Kuzbassenergo-RES, Krasnoyarskenergo, Gorno-Altaisk Electric Grid) and the “Tomsk distributive company”.

Before the project, IT infrastructure maintenance was delivered in-house by an IT division of 210 employees. Asteros transferred the IT personnel of the whole energy company to its own payroll in three business days.



Project scope

Asteros provides for uninterrupted operation of 304 remote sites and 8 subsidiaries of the geographically-distributed company:

  • 250+ applications (including business applications, technology, client and server software)
  • 30,000+ hardware and network units

Asteros team delivers:

  • IT infrastructure maintenance
  • IT infrastructure audits and recommendations for maintenance costs optimization
  • Management of all projects concerning software and hardware upgrades
  • Hardware and printing equipment repair

The quality of service is vested in the service level agreement (SLA), which guarantees 24x7 accessibility of core IT systems.

In the year following the signing of the contract, the external technical support service recorded and processed over 25 thousand user requests. We are pleased that Asteros has not only come good on its contractual commitments regarding the quality of technical support, but has even surpassed them 98,99% of requests were processed on time when the SLA figure was only 90%. Based on our own experience, we can see that the advantages of outsourcing become more evident in large-scale projects and therefore we are confident in expanding collaboration with a partner that has proven to be both reliable and highly-qualified.

Vladimir Romanov, IT Director, MRSK Siberia

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