Rollout of an SAP-based ERP system at Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant

Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant is one of the largest Russian nuclear fuel cycle companies producing fuel for nuclear power plants and research reactors as well as lithium and lithium compounds.

NCCP focuses its development strategy on improving its business efficiency in all areas. NCCP invests in upgrading its production facilities and improves its enterprise resource planning. In particular, NCPP decided to deploy an ERP system based on the SAP Business Suite platform.

Project delivery

The ERP system design project took off in 2007.

A joint consultant team of Asteros Consulting, a subsidiary of Asteros Group, and NCCP designed, developed and deployed the new SAP system supporting the following business processes:

  • Production planning and management
  • Procurement management
  • Supply management
  • Sales management
  • Revenue and cost management
  • Accounting and tax reporting

In the course of this project, the new ERP system has been integrated with the following systems:

  • Payroll
  • Shop floor accounting
  • Production engineering and technologies

The new ERP system was extended to meet unique NCCP production requirements. We added new functionality to meet industry-specific nuclear material accounting requirements and designed new reports for company operations.

Project results

Supporting some 250 users, the new SAP-based ERP system covers critical business processes of the plant and brings planning, management and accounting of logistics, production and finance to a whole new level.

To measure the impact of the new system, we worked with SAP and our legacy applications at the same time for a while. The benefits were clear. Data entry and accounting processes became much less labor-intensive and mostly automated. We achieved the primary project objective, to ensure that plant management has access to authentic and up-to-date information required to make informed management decisions.

Vadim Sukhikh, Director of Economics and Finance, NCCP

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