Fail-safe infrastructure for Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant


On the way to international market, NCCP decided to modernize its production facilities and an SAP ERP system. Building a fail-safe data center was a prerequisite for enabling NCCP's information infrastructure to support its ERP system:

"We're striving to use top-notch technologies in all areas from production to IT so that we are able to guarantee high product quality to our Russian and international partners. We consistently apply excessively stringent fault-tolerance requirements to our information systems as their availability is crucial to operation of our new ERP system and thus to overall enterprise management and our key performance indicators. That's why we turned to Asteros, a renowned expert in fail-safe IT infrastructures, to help us in this area," said Alexander Dragovishko, Chief Design Officer, Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant.


Autumn 2009 — project launch; backup data center and cluster deployment.

Project delivery

Asteros deployed:

  • An integrated power supply cluster
  • Server and server room HVAC system
  • Gas fire suppression system
  • Backup data storage system
  • Backup high-performance computing cluster
  • Redundant backup system

In this project, Asteros experts improved performance of production servers and storage by upgrading servers and increasing storage capacity.

The new high-availability cluster is based on innovative HP ServiceGuard software technology. HP Vpar virtualization system allows using hardware resources more flexibly thus improving hardware utilization. NCCP data centers also use HP System Insight Management server and storage management system simplifying administration of physical and virtual resources.

Finally, Asteros experts configured hardware data replication between production and backup storage systems.

Project results

The new redundant infrastructure ensures fail-safe operation of critical business applications supporting nuclear fuel cycle business processes.

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