IT Service Request Management System for Alfa-Bank

Project objectives

Until recently, bank employees who required specific IT services needed to find an appropriate request form in the file catalog, fill it in and submit a hardcopy for approval to multiple departments. The request was forwarded to IT department only upon completion of this process.

As the result, provisioning new IT services took days. To speed up customer service and establish a transparent framework to control employee access to individual systems, Alfa-Bank decided to automate IT service request management process using Averta Workflow platform.

Project delivery

"Deployment of Averta Workflow pushed us to rethink the setup of user support. Early in the project, we thought that we would only need to develop a few online forms to go "live". Eventually we realized the scale of this iceberg that we needed to automate. Apart from eliminating paper documents from IT service provision processes, we also wanted to standardize user service as such and increase the overall agility of IT infrastructure management", explains Alexey Malanyin, First Deputy Head of IT Support Department, Alfa-Bank.

As a part of this project, Asteros and Alfa-Bank created a complete multi-level catalog of services provided by the bank's IT department all over Russia. We also developed:

  • 200+ online service request forms
  • 60+ approval scenarios

As the result, the system now covers the whole IT service request management lifecycle.

Project results

Averta Workflow reduced the duration of request cycle from several days to several hours resulting in:

  • reduced costs of user services
  • improved quality of user services

The impact of this project was beyond our expectations. Automated request filing and approval process made the request cycle incredibly fast. In 2008, our IT service department handled in excess of 130 thousand requests. We were also able to achieve an entirely new level of IT service efficiency since approximately 90 % of service requests were addressed in a fully automated manner. The system features user service logic enabling us to foresee new needs and satisfy them using group and batch requests.

Alexey Malanyin, First Deputy, Head of IT Support Department, Alfa-Bank

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