IT-infrastructure for Gelendzhik Airport


The new international airport in Gelendzhik is located in the resort zone of the Krasnodar region. It is intended to serve large numbers of tourists and the very latest airliners. So after construction of the airport a great deal of attention was paid to the high demands that would be placed on the technology at the facility. Asteros was selected as general contractor for IT, telecommunications and engineering implementation in four airports of the South of Russia.

Project delivery

First, Asteros specialists conducted project assessment work on the entire airport system complex: engineering and telecommunications systems, security systems, basic IT-services (27 systems in total).

One of the most important tasks became creating the airport’s IT-infrastructure: the structured cabling system (SCS), local area network, internet connection and telecommunications system.

Asteros agreed to build the IT-infrastructure in a very short time. The project team had to work in difficult conditions as the delicate work of creating and configuring networks had to be done while construction personnel were still building the airport. Nevertheless, Asteros specialists were able to install the SCS in just three weeks, and the remaining parts of the communications system (the network, internet and IP-telephony) were fully deployed in one week.

In order to speed up project implementation, preparatory work for creating and configuring the local, internet and telephony networks was carried out by Asteros specialists before external communication channels were installed at the airport. As soon as the service providers connected the airport, the local network also came online and was activated remotely in just one day. In total, 100 user work stations were brought into service.

Project results

All systems and networks were connected, configured and fully prepared in record time while construction work was still being carried out. Asteros was able to meet the agreed deadline while remaining within the set budget.

We are satisfied with the work we have achieved with Asteros and highly value the companys willingness to work in challenging conditions, while reacting quickly to changes within the project. Asteros specialists were able to implement a complex IT-communications system while the airport facility was still under construction. This allowed us to bring forward the project completion deadline by one month or more.

Sergey Likharev, CEO Bazel Aero, the managing company of Gelendzhik Airport

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