Data protection system deployment in TVEL Nuclear Fuel Cycle Company


TVEL is a nuclear fuel cycle company fundamental to Russian nuclear industry. All Russian nuclear power plants, research reactors and marine power plants use TVEL fuel. TVEL represents 17% of the global nuclear fuel market.

TVEL decided to deploy a comprehensive data protection system to meet legal requirements to personal and internal-use data processing as they apply to nuclear industry.

Project delivery

Asteros assessed TVEL's existing data processing processes and defined the data protection perimeter including TVEL's information system and channels used to transmit data between its individual businesses.

The new data protection system covers 300 thousand TVEL's workplaces and ensures:

  • Data protection from unauthorized access including access management, integrity control and audit of server and desktop security events
  • Intruder detection
  • Protection of public network access points
  • Data leakage channel identification
  • Protection status control
  • Access control for data transmission channels including TVEL's internal channels and channels between its individual businesses
  • Cryptographic data protection

Project results

TVEL's data protection system was successfully certified to meet the data protection requirements of 1G security level. Rosatom and FSB further confirmed that the newly built system meets or exceeds nuclear industry security standards.

The new system enables secure processing of commercial and internal-use information as well as TVEL's private data while securing all information in the corporate data network.

TVEL's information system security system uses certified technologies and has been successfully certified to meet data security requirements. Improving data security is an important element of comprehensive approach to ensuring overall security of today's businesses. This is critical as TVEL is undergoing transformation into a major nuclear fuel provider controlling the key Russian nuclear fuel cycle companies.

Valery Navoyev, Director of Operations, TVEL Security Division

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