SAP rollout in MRSK Siberia


MRSK Siberia (Interregional distributive grid company of Siberia) provides electricity to more than 15 million end users. Improving corporate management and investment attractiveness and the provision of financial statements in accordance with international standards are among the strategic goals of MRSK Siberia. To achieve these goals, the management decided to implement a uniform SAP-based system for conducting financial and economic activity.

Project delivery

In 2010, the pilot project based on mySAP ERP and SAP BI was carried out in MRSK Siberia headquarters and in its Krasnoyarskenergo subsidiary.

Asteros specialists implemented rollout of the ERP-system in 7 other MRSK Siberia subsidiaries: Altaienergo, Buryatenergo, Omskenergo, Chitaenergo, Khakasenergo, Kuzbassenergo-RES, Krasnoyarskenergo, Gorno-Altaiskye elektricheskiye seti. Within this project, pilot system's shortcomings will be fixed and a new system implemented to support key business processes:

  • Tax accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Cost management and investment, procurement materials and services management, contractual relationships
  • Real-estate management
  • Project results
  • The solution will integrate central office and 8 branches, with 3 thousand users totally.

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