Integration of IVR and PSB-Retail systems for Promsvyazbank


Promsvyazbank is a leading Russian bank serving over a million consumers. To serve customers better, enhance remote banking functionality and manage costs, the bank’s management made a decision to integrate their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System and PSB-Retail consumer Internet banking system.


3 months

Project delivery

A joint team of Asteros and Promsvyazbank experts integrated the client’s IVR self-service telephone banking system with their remote banking system using the Avaya Voice Portal (AVP) platform. The newly-developed system provides customers with an opportunity to access their chequing, savings and credit card accounts over the phone. In addition to general information about banking services, customers have access to specific product data

  • debit and credit card
  • chequing and savings account balances
  • minimum payment
  • amounts on hold

Project results

The new solution instantly simplified customer service flows. If the customer selects the self-service option, incoming call is routed to PSB-Retail banking system, which in turn takes control of all further interaction and creates voice menu commands on the fly.

Thanks to system integration, we can serve customers with typical inquiries faster, while balancing and handling call flows better than before. If we ever need to change functionality available to our customers via IVR, we only need to implement required software changes in the banking system. We won't need to do anything about the voice portal in this scenario since the system will create respective voice menus automatically. In future, this solution will help offload typical inquiries from call center operators giving them an opportunity to handle more complex issues.

Olga Russkikh, Deputy Director of Telesales, Promsvyazbank

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