Implementation of data centers for MTS

MTS is one the Russian “big three” mobile telecoms operators. The company is continuing to develop, and is actively expanding its range of services while increasing its number of subscribers in Russia and the CIS. In order to ensure a high level of service for its customers, MTS decided to implement data centers in its main service areas in Russia.




Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara and Vladivostok

Project delivery

Asteros team developed the data center architecture and implemented the design and construction of all required engineering infrastructure solutions:

  • uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS);
  • external fiber-optics installation
  • fire safety systems, gas extinguishing and smoke removal
  • air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • structured cabling systems
  • power distribution systems
  • local area networks and data storage network infrastructures
  • automated monitoring systems
  • environmental control system

The new data centers provide robust IT environment to all business critical applications of the cellular service operator.

Project results

Today, the centers are fully deployed and support all business critical applications of each region – billing systems, online customer service systems, analytical systems for fraud prevention and revenue monitoring. Management and control of the functioning of all data center systems is conducted remotely through a supervisory control system.

While working on the project, the Asteros team focused not only on the technical requirements of the data centers, but also tried to think ahead and reduce their TCO. As the result, Asteros managed to substantially reduce the space taken up by the data centers, having placed the large parts of the air-conditioning system on the roof of the building where the hardware is located. And by using chilling technology Asteros helped the client save 30% on electricity costs.

Investing in a better infrastructure creates the foundation for the companys future development. The data centers implementation allows us to improve reliability of information systems and ensure higher quality of service to our subscribers in the Central Region, Volga and the Far East.

Valeriy Shorzhin, IT Director at the MTS Group

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