Implementation of IT environment for Kimberly-Clark manufacturing in Russia


Kimberly-Clark is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of personal and professional hygiene products. The company is actively developing its business in Russia and in spring 2010 began to manufacture its goods in the town of Stupino (Moscow Region). The new factory is equipped with the latest generation of high-tech hardware and is unique in its use of manufacturing technology. For the enterprise to operate effectively, it was necessary to create a basic IT-infrastructure, which could provide uninterrupted support to business processes and reduce building maintenance costs. Besides this, one of the key tasks at Kimberly-Clark was to improve performance and reduce the cost of corporate communications between the factory, Moscow and other Russian offices and company HQ.



Project delivery

Asteros specialists used SYSTIMAX-based solutions to develop and deploy a combined-type network covering almost 500 work stations, supporting all information traffic: voice, data, video and e-business applications. To ensure the infrastructure was fail-safe, a 100% communication channel reservation was provided for.

The next stage of the project involved the implementation of a fail-safe telephony system. This made it possible to organize effective telephone communications via an IP network and give users access to centralized voice applications located at Kimberly-Clark’s oversees facilities. While building this system at two Kimberly-Clark facilities, 120 digital and 200 Avaya IP telephones were used. Finally, Asteros experts equipped the factory offices with a video-conferencing system, built using Polycom solutions. This system was linked to a similar system at the Moscow office and to the European system in order to create a single business-communications environment.

Project results

Today, the telecommunication infrastructure at the Kimberly-Clark manufacturing complex is used for working with computer networks, telephone communications and engineering systems. The unified telephony and video-conferencing systems help the company conduct effective meetings online and facilitate communication between colleagues working on projects remotely. This has increased the speed at which decisions are taken and has allowed communications costs to be cut by 15%.

In order to strengthen our position on the Russian market, we have opened a high-tech manufacturing facility with great potential for further development. Our experts were faced with the task of constructing one of the most technologically-advanced Kimberly-Clark manufacturing facilities in the world and ensuring each of its constituent parts worked reliably. A modern, solid IT-foundation is one of the prerequisites for meeting global quality-control and safety standards. We are grateful to Asteros for their professional and well-coordinated work which helped us to create this foundation.

Vyacheslav Shukin, Head of Infrastructure Solutions Department, Kimberly-Clark Eastern Europe

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