Infrastructure for the terminal finger at Sochi International Airport

Project goals

Basel Aero (part of the Basic Element holding company) manages airports in Sochi, Krasnodar, Gelendzhik, and Anapa in southern Russia. These airports presently handle 7% of all air passenger traffic in Russia and service over 50 airlines. In 2013, Basel Aero's airports provided services to more than 6 million passengers, 39% of whom were at Sochi International Airport.

According to the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) requirements, the airport where athletes and guests would arrive for the 2014 Winter Olympics must be able to handle at least 3800 people per hour.

In 2010, a second runway and new 700,000 sq.feet air terminal was built at Sochi International Airport, which made it possible to increase passenger traffic to 1600 people per hour immediately after the terminal opened and up to 2600 people per hour in 2012. In order to reach the passenger traffic capacity specified by the IOC, the client began an expansion of the terminal finger and installed 10 passenger boarding bridges.

The Asteros Group, having already completed a number of projects for Basel Aero, including infrastructure for the new air terminal complex and new VIP terminal at Sochi airport, was selected to construct engineering systems for the terminal finger.

Description of the project

The Asteros Group began work on the project in March 2013 and by the end of summer had deployed a complete set of airport infrastructure, which included:

The video surveillance system has 112 cameras and guarantees complete coverage of the terminal finger and the passenger boarding bridges with absolutely no blind zones, something which is particularly important for ensuring aviation security during the Olympic Games.

Professionals from Asteros equipped the terminal finger with a flight information display system (FIDS). There are 38 additional arrival and departure boards in the waiting areas which are visible from anywhere in the terminal finger.


Thanks to the new terminal finger's technical capabilities, passenger traffic capacity at Sochi International Airport increased to 3800 people per hour and now meets the requirements of the IOC. The new infrastructure makes it possible to provide faster and higher quality services for passengers and airlines. The airport received over 600,000 passengers during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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