Building IT infrastructure for Gazprom Export Headquarters in downtown St Petersburg

Project goals

The headquarters of Gazprom Export, a Gazprom subsidiary, are located in Palazzo Rossi at 2a Ostrovsky Square near the Aleksandrinsky Theatre. The client required deployment of IT infrastructure and multimedia systems in its newly refurbished seven-story office in compliance with international industry standards.

Project description

The Asteros Group was involved in the project as a design partner and later as the integrator of IT infrastructure and multimedia systems at the new office.

Before starting the deployment phase, the Asteros team developed 5 different design options. During the project itself, Asteros delivered the following services:

  • Infrastructure design
  • Architectural replanning
  • Reinforcement of loadbearing structures
  • Deployment of a building management system, engineering and IT infrastructure
  • Installation of multimedia systems
  • Implementation of a Lampertz IT security room
  • Outfitting of utility rooms
  • Migration of hardware and business applications from Moscow to St Petersburg without interruption of office activities

At Palazzo Rossi, Asteros deployed the following solutions:

In the main atrium Asteros installed a video wall with narrow bezel displays, a total area of 7.5×4 m, and 4K resolution. A second media panel with an area of 7.5×2 m and 2K resolution is located in the conference hall. Each meeting room was created with attention to the principles of smart facilities, including central control of all systems from a tablet device.

Project results

The Gazprom Export HQ was provided with state-of-the-art, reliable IT infrastructure centered on a fully independent security room provided by Lampertz, the global leader in modular physical protection facilities that meets the highest security requirements.

The project took 3 months in total. Business-critical systems were migrated over the course of 10 weekend days.

"Without a doubt, the Gazprom Export headquarters by the Alexandrinsky Theater in Petersburg is one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the city. Its exterior complements the architecture of Ostrovsky Square, while the interior facilities meet the latest technological standards. Despite the difficulties faced in redoing the layout and finishing, we achieved the desired result. We would like to thank the partners that worked with us on this project, along with the business departments and other units of Gazprom Export, all of whom met their objectives in a professional and timely manner."

Alexander Medvedev, the Deputy Chair of the Gazprom board of directors

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