Upgrading the technology platform of Novosibirsk International Airport (Tolmachevo)

The Novosibirsk International Airport (Tolmachevo) kicked off the active phase of upgrading its IT infrastructure in 2013 as part of the Federal Target Program for Development of the Russian Transportation System. Renovation of the passenger terminal at Tolmachevo is intended to strengthen the airports leadership among the largest air hubs in Siberia and the Far East. The renovations required implementation of new technologies to improve management effectiveness and service quality. The air terminal upgrades more than doubled the area from 11,000 to 24,000 square meters, and its acceptance rate increased to 3100 passengers per hour.

Asteros subsidiary in Novosibirsk was entrusted with implementation of engineering and business systems at the airport, as well as integrated security systems.

Project description

The partnership between Asteros and Tolmachevo began in 2012. At that time, the Asteros team completed an audit of the airports current infrastructure and worked out a strategy for development of the technology platform to meet the requirements of international and Russian industry regulators. Based on the clients priorities, Asteros then began upgrading the IT, network and engineering systems of the Novosibirsk airport gates.

  • Advanced fail-safe data center

    The growing passenger flow and enhanced range of services required implementation and protection of modern services. To this end, Asteros specialists built a data center and migrated all the airports business-critical services to it.

  • Computing cluster

    The Asteros team carried out a major overhaul of server-side infrastructure and data storage systems.

  • Visualization system

    A new visualization system with more than 100 hi-tech FIDS video panels was deployed on the premises of the facility

  • Surveillance center

    In support of airport safety, Asteros upgraded the surveillance center, which constitutes a single decision-making point that acquires data about transportation hub security incidents and the operating conditions of business systems.

    A powerful video surveillance system with more than 300 high resolution cameras covers all the facilities at the Tolmachevo airport, including the landside area.

    The project included upgrading and close integration of access control, passenger address, intruder alarm and many other systems. The integrated security system encompasses all business processes related to the maintenance of the aircraft fleet, escalators, baggage acceptance and dispensing, passenger handling etc.

  • Other engineering and IT systems

    The Asteros team also designed and deployed the following systems for the passenger terminal:

    • Low-current and engineering systems
    • Structured cabling system
    • Networking infrastructure
    • Infrastructure monitoring and control system
    • Master clock system
    • Cable television
    • Airport wireless and digital broadcasting systems
    • And many more

Project results

By the end of the project, ten IT and engineering systems had been deployed. The project budget totaled 140 million rubles.

"We expect that by 2020 the passenger flow at Tolmachevo will reach 6 million passengers, so during the overhaul we paid careful attention to building a powerful IT environment and engineering foundation. Implementation of these systems will be the key to successful development of the airport under the pressure of a continuously growing load."

Evgeny Yankilevich, CEO of Tolmachevo Airport

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