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Until 2007, technical support for users of the client’s remote banking services was provided in-house. In the middle of 2007, Sberbank began seeking new ways to improve the performance of its technical support services. The client needed a partner with sufficient experience in supporting the users of online banking services that would be able to adhere to strict corporate standards.

Through a competitive bidding process, Asteros became one of the service providers. The company was to take on the banks business processes for consulting users on all matters related to working with the «Client Sberbank» online banking system. At Sberbank, this was a high-priority project from the beginning.

Project description

Late in 2009, the Asteros outsourcing team began supporting the 30,000 customers of the Moscow Sberbank of Russia. Asteros began to deliver on-site and remote services for Sberbanks customers (second-line technical support). In close partnership with the client, Asteros created a single support service and developed the business processes for service delivery.

Due to the success of the project, the client was able to outsource to Asteros all processes related to fielding customer calls. Thus beginning in the summer of 2010, the project was expanded to include first-line technical support. The next step in the partnership was associated with the development of remote service facilities and the implementation of a new, nation-wide product: the "Sberbank Business Online" internet banking service.

Over the course of 2012, all regional Sberbank branches were connected to the Asteros support service.

At the first stage of the project, the entire Asteros technical support team was located in Moscow. Asteros later scaled up the number of call center agents, and when the office grew to 120 staff members and 1000 square meters, the call center was relocated to the city of Samara.

Asteros is now responsible for two aspects of technical support: call center agents and service engineers. A "quality line" was created for customers to leave their feedback and improvement suggestions for further service. A VIP service was also organized. VIP customers use dedicated telephone line with enhanced standards for call waiting time and the most competent specialists with experience in working with large corporations.

Project results

By the end of 2012, technical support for 600,000 customers had been outsourced to Asteros. By 2015 this number more than doubled and now amounts to more than 1.2 million legal entities. Sberbanks range encompasses all of Russia, and the call center agents service around 100,000 calls every month, adding up to more than a million requests per year. The VIP line accounts for approximately 5% of these.

Up to 95% of customer requests are now resolved through remote consultation.

"The spirit of the Asteros team is and always has been positive, regardless of economic fluctuations and the market situation. Every specialist working with us is always focused on achieving common goals and resolving our issues extremely quickly and professionally. Certainly, our SLA figures and quality requirements are quite rigorous, but in practice Asteros has frequently shown us figures exceeding the agreed-upon level of service. And, seeing our partners professionalism and willingness to carry out ambitious tasks, we have no intention of resting on our laurels. That is exactly why we have worked together for the past 5 years."

Mikhail Malakhov, Head of Remote Service Channels Development at Sberbank

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