Building IT infrastructures for the new Russian Helicopters research complex

Project goals

Implementation of the IT and engineering infrastructures for the newly-built research complex, the Russian National Helicopter Center, to provide an environment for effective and continuous work by the specialists at the leading Russian helicopter design bureaus.

Project implementation

The Asteros Group created the infrastructures of the Russian National Helicopter Center from the ground up in the town of Tomilino in the Moscow Region.

In 18 months the Asteros project team deployed approximately 20 systems over an area of 43,300 square meters, including:

Project results

The Asteros Group implemented a highly advanced IT infrastructure at the new Research Center that supports the activities of 2500 experts from the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and the Kamov Design Bureau, both members of the Russian Helicopters holding. Because of this, the Russian helicopter design bureaus are working in a radically new digital environment.

"Were facing a difficult and strategically important challenge: to significantly reduce the helicopter design timeframe and use more innovative solutions in flow production designs by 2015. The new state-of-the-art R&D facility contributes to achieving this goal and helps the Russian helicopter industry maintain its competitive edge. The new infrastructure created by Asteros will help us consolidate resources from the leading design bureaus on a single platform, and centralize complex processes related to helicopter design, manufacturing, delivery and maintenance".

Sergey Vorobyov, Associate COO and Director of IT and Telecommunications, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant

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