Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM and BPM)

At Asteros Consulting we help our clients implement:

  • Unified document management regulations
  • Content management (including document management): :
    • Setting up a single storage area for all corporate documents
    • Indexing all documents with a single search engine
    • Reducing number of hard copies
    • Deploying document management tools
    • Organizing document collaboration (messengers, wiki, forums, blogs, etc.)
    • Optimizing web content management processes
    • Deploying email content management tools
    • Using multimedia content management tools
    • Document management automation using tools for batch document capture
    • Assignment tracking

    Asteros Consulting offers ECM solutions based on EMC Documentum, OpenText ECM Suite, IBM FileNet and IBM Lotus Domino/Notes enterprise platforms.

  • Business process management (including document management):
    • Use of business process management tools
    • Deploying process tracking tools
    • Establishing transparent business processes to link separate enterprise information systems

    Asteros Consulting offers BPM solutions based on OpenText TCP, IBM FileNet BPM, IBM Lombardi and EMC Documentum enterprise platforms.

  • Archive management:
    • Regulated and unified document storage tools
    • Document archive management tools
    • Archive document management using batch document capture tools
    • Deploying compliance management solutions to meet external regulatory and internal audit requirements

    Asteros Consulting deploys solutions offered by some of the leading vendors including EMC Documentum, OpenText Archiving, IBM FileNet and IBM Lotus Domino/Notes.

Asteros Consulting solutions help ensure regulatory compliance and meet universal document management standards. Asteros Consulting is an EMC Documentum, OpenText and IBM partner using EMC Documentum, OpenText, IBM FileNet and IBM Lotus Domino/Notes platforms as well as its in-house solutions to set up electronic document management environments with businesses of all sizes. In addition to the above, Asteros Consulting also deploys traditional Electronic Document Management systems based on 1C:Document Management, IBM Lotus Domino/Notes and other platforms.

Our highly skilled team provides the following services:

  • Conceptual design of an enterprise content management (ECM) system
  • Business analysis and optimization of content management processes
  • Consulting on choosing an ECM system
  • ECM deployment planning and implementation following best methods and practices
  • ECM integration with other business applications
  • ECM support and maintenance

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