IT Infrastructure and Business Applications Monitoring

Asteros Consulting delivers the following monitoring-related services:

  • Deploying IT infrastructure monitoring systems

    The IT infrastructure monitoring software suite is used to monitor availability of networking and server equipment, disk arrays, uninterruptible power supplies, workstations, as well as regular and IP telephony equipment. The monitoring system helps ensure quick and efficient reaction on network, server and equipment failures and proactively prevent them. Unique features of this system are its focus on hardware control and support or standard interfaces and protocols

  • Deploying system and application software monitoring software suite

    Application software monitoring systems are used to control software availability and allow flexible configuration according to customer needs. This suite contains a large number of ready-to-use templates (extensions) to monitor different types of software following best practices in monitoring and control.

  • Integrating monitoring systems with existing customer's applications

Asteros Consulting uses a comprehensive client-oriented approach, professional expertise and state-of-the-art monitoring technologies to generate significant value for its customers.

IT infrastructure and application monitoring systems help our customers achieve a wide range of objectives instrumental to their image and brand:

  • Enable centralized IT infrastructure management
  • Monitor data network and business application quality of service, and service availability and performance for end users; ensure timely detection of hardware and software faults
  • Evaluate the impact of failures on IT services to manage remediation priorities; reduce impact of IT infrastructure failures on customer's business processes through timely fixes and preventive maintenance
  • Increase availability of IT services and reduce IT resource downtime
  • Increase IT resource utilization
  • Generate statistical data on IT infrastructure and business application operation
  • Improve quality and productivity of work performed by IT staff
  • Improve IT infrastructure reliability and information security

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