Accounting and Tax Management with Asteros Finance

Asteros Consulting offers the Asteros Finance solution designed to define and automate a wide range of accounting processes.

Asteros Finance is an Oracle e-Business Suite localization for accounting, tax, management and IFRS reporting. All transactions are posted based on primary accounting documents entered into the system (invoices, payments, goods receipt statements, fixed asset inventory files, etc.)

Asteros Finance solution is based on Oracle e-Business Suite and supports accounting and tax reporting in compliance with Russian standards:

  • Accounting and reporting according to Russian Accounting Guidelines
  • Tax accounting and reports (compliant with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation)
  • Ongoing budget management (cash flows, revenues and costs)

We offer an integrated solution covering all types of accounting and reporting, using a single primary accounting document and allowing to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce data entry and verification costs
  • Generate financial reports faster and with fewer errors
  • Migrate geographically distributed companies to centralized accounting and treasury

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