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Every office worker spends 80% of their time working with documents, yet 7.5% of all documents are lost, and up to 50% of the time is spent searching for documents*. An average of 19 copies are produced for every document. Growing number of paper documents increases archiving costs. All these factors affect the operation of businesses and manufacturing companies.

Asteros Consulting offers a unique proprietary Averta WorkFlow** electronic document management solution based on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform.

As an electronic document management system, Averta WorkFlow is primarily focused on electronic document storage and processing as well as on tracking assignments related to document content.

The basic version of Averta WorkFlow solution supports a minimum required set of document management processes:

  • Incoming documents to file, review, track, record and archive incoming documents
  • Outgoing documents to create, approve, finalize, approve and file outgoing documents
  • Organizational documents to prepare, approve, file, store and cancel internal documents
  • Internal documents to report, approve, file, verify, review and store internal company documents
  • Assignment tracking to track assignments linked to incoming and internal document and to create and track standalone assignments
  • Agreements to approve, file and store agreements and addendums to them

Asteros also develops an extended version of Averta WorkFlow solution according to customer's individual needs and business objectives.

Averta WorkFlow benefits:

  • Averta WorkFlow configuration does not require programming and can be handled by business analysts
  • Full integration with IBM Lotus Notes/Domino products as well as third-party solutions including 1 and SAP
  • Compliance with Russian and international standards for management support documentation and enterprise document management
  • Integrated IBM Lotus Sametime real-time collaboration tools
  • Monitoring business process execution schedules
  • Full statistical data on process execution

Averta WorkFlow leverages IBM Lotus Notes/Domino technologies to offer businesses of all sizes a framework to standardize, streamline and manage business processes and increase business productivity in order to get competitive edge and secure additional profits.

* According to PricewaterhouseCoopers
** State registration in Computer software registry #2010617992 dated December 9, 2010

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