Asteros Contact solution

In today's market conditions, telecom operators and transportation companies, financial institutions and multifunction centers are looking to improve service levels and customer support, and use client interaction channels more efficiently. Asteros Consulting developed the unique Asteros Contact solution helping increase customer loyalty while significantly reducing customer service and control center costs.

Asteros Contact enables integration of all contact center applications into a comprehensive business process and provides a unified interface to work with multiple business applications. Asteros Contact helps improve call center KPI such as communication channel availability, average handle time, average time to respond to call and many other.

Asteros Contact uses Microsoft enterprise platforms and is protected by Russian patents (Rospatent certificate #2009611795).

Asteros Contact helps you achieve:

  • Quick and flexible consolidation of existing customer service business processes
  • Increased customer loyalty and sales
  • Protection of existing IT infrastructure investments
  • Reduce customer support operational costs by up to 15% due to lower qualification requirements, faster new staff training and application TCO optimization

Benefits of the Asteros Contact solution:

  • Faster project deployment due to client-side as opposed to server-side application integration

    Average project duration is 70 days.

  • Reduced application integration costs: Client-side integration is less costly than server-side integration

    Project break-even time — up to 1.5 years.

  • Customer has an opportunity to integrate applications and design service scenarios on their own
  • Developing a comprehensive set of customer service and sales business processes does not require upgrading existing information systems nor IT infrastructure

Asteros received the 2010 Microsoft Partner of the Year award for the Asteros Contact solution.

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