HVAC systems

In modern fully sealed buildings and facilities, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are required in every room whether they are manufacturing sites, office centers or residential properties.

HVAC systems regulate air temperature, humidity, quality and circulation—critical factors affecting environmental comfort and equipment operating conditions. HVAC systems also support uninterrupted operation of high-current and electronic equipment in server rooms and data centers.

Asteros designs and installs highly efficient HVAC systems for various buildings:

  • Offices and boardrooms
  • Business centers and malls
  • Server rooms and telecommunication rooms (up to 15 kW)
  • Data centers (over 20 kW)
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing sites

Asteros designs and installs the following HVAC solutions:

  • Air conditioning systems (split systems, central systems, precision cooling systems, chiller / fan coil units, multi-zone VRV systems and absorption chillers)
  • Ventilation systems (forced intake and/or exhaust, local, natural and general ventilation)

Getting expert advice on engineering and HVAC systems at construction stage helps avoid being limited by existing infrastructure by adjusting building design if needed.

Asteros partners with world-leading HVAC manufacturers well-known in Russia, such as APC by Schneider Electric, Emerson, Emicon and Uniflair, giving our customers access to best-in-class solutions and professional HVAC design, installation and maintenance services.

Why Asteros:

  • A highly skilled engineering team which successfully delivered projects for VTB, Aeroflot, RUSAL, TVEL fuel cycle company, Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant and other customers
  • Asteros provides single center of responsibility for all-inclusive engineering infrastructure implementation
  • A wide range of solutions available to address various requirements including energy efficiency

Asteros can also design and builds utilities lines including heating, plumbing and sewage.

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