Power Supply Systems

Just like human circulatory system, power supply systems provide energy to buildings, offices and equipment. Power supply systems ensure continuity of business processes, support high availability of IT infrastructure and protect expensive equipment from breakdowns.

Asteros will be happy to build a foundation for your company's energy sustainability relying on the following systems:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Guaranteed power supply

Uninterruptible power supply systems provide electric power to critical equipment—relaying electricity from the mains under normal circumstances or providing it from UPS batteries in emergency. Asteros designs and deploys uninterruptible power supply systems using industry-leading technologies of APC by Schneider Electric, MGE, Eaton and Socomec supporting remote site monitoring and delivery of emergency notifications to automated control centers as needed.

Our data center engineering infrastructure solutions based on APC InfraStruXure and Emerson Liebert X-Treme modular systems allow for full integration of power supply, air conditioning, monitoring and site management systems.

Our guaranteed power supply systems ensure independent supply of electric power to data centers, telecommunications nodes, integrated engineering systems and other infrastructure components from internal diesel generators.

Asteros builds and installs single-module and multi-module diesel generators intended for primary or backup power supply. We use industry-leading power modules by SDMO, Cummins and F.G. Wilson.

Asteros power supply systems meet the following requirements::

  • Reliable and uninterrupted supply of electric power
  • High power-quality
  • Standards-based modular design
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving

Asteros designed and installed numerous power supply systems for data centers, buildings and manufacturing sites (supporting continuous production) as well as transportation companies, telecoms and financial institutions. Asteros clients include VTB, TransCreditBank, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, RUSAL, Mechel, Mosbrew, Rosgosstrakh, Extrobank (Santander Consumer Bank), VimpelCom, Bazel Aero and Aeroflot.

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