General Contractor Services

There is a growing trend among large enterprises and mid-size businesses to outsource contractual work to a single contractor responsible for process management and quality of service. Working with a general contractor has a number of benefits—for example, the customer no longer needs to worry about qualifying service providers, and the whole project runs within allocated timeframe and approved budget.

When hired as a general contractor, Asteros coordinates and manages continuous infrastructure development process taking responsibility for the full service cycle from green field to commissioning. Asteros holds "Authorization to perform specific types of work affecting safety of capital improvements" certificate for design and construction.

As a general contractor for engineering and IT infrastructure development projects, Asteros covers the following:

  • Hires subcontractors to perform work and procures equipment
  • Assures quality of work performed
  • Ensures compliance with state regulatory requirements
  • Provides technical supervision of construction work, ensures that costs and quality of work meet agreed guidelines
  • Provides client with full details of ongoing work at any point of time
  • Ensures that project timelines are met
  • Monitors compliance with safety regulations, rational use of natural resources, and ensures workplace safety
  • Delivers newly-built facilities on a turn-key basis

Some of the largest infrastructure projects delivered by Asteros include:

Why Asteros:

  • Full accountability for the results
  • Integrated approach to project delivery from it consulting to it process outsourcing to deployment of wide range of innovative solutions and services required to create an engineering and it infrastructure in selected facility
  • Flexible approach and consideration for unique requirements of each client
  • Efficient project resource and risk management
  • Latest hardware and technologies
  • Leading position in unique facility development as general contractor

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