Data Storage systems

Asteros has a strong background in designing and building Data Storage systems, setting up layered data storage, as well as consolidating and virtualizing data warehouses. Data Storage systems by Asteros help consolidate all enterprise data in a single system and support centralized data management throughout its life cycle including fast access, reliable storage and backup. The key components of our infrastructure are storage networks, disk storage systems, tape libraries and dedicated software.

Data Storage systems help achieve a wide range of objectives:

  • Centralize IT infrastructure for more efficient management
  • Reduce IT TCO while improving SLA
  • Manage growing amounts of server data
  • Achieve target applications productivity
  • Optimize utilization of hardware platforms and local storage
  • Ensure fail-safety and scalability
  • Backup and archiving

Data Storage systems are critical for businesses requiring to store large volumes of data and businesses whose bottom line is directly affected by speed of data access. These include financial institutions, telecom operators, governmental agencies and manufacturing holdings.

  • Storage System Consolidation

    Asteros offers consolidation of separate disk assets within a single data center into a centralized scalable storage system with guaranteed performance and reliability.

    Asteros consolidates data using the leading data storage devices connected to both storage area networks (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS). We use the leading software platforms by IBM, HP, HDS and EMC to manage the storage environment.

  • Layered Data Storage

    Depending on access frequency, Asteros solution distributes the data over three layers moving less frequently accessed information to slower, but cheaper media:

    • The first Performance Tier comprises most frequently accessed data that need to be instantly available
    • The second Capacity Tier uses less expensive disk-based storage systems or disks and provides large capacity with lower productivity
    • The third Archive Tier is used for long-term storage of rarely used data and utilizes tape libraries and optical disks
  • Storage Environment Virtualization

    Asteros delivers storage environment virtualization to deploy a standardized tool set and achieve a wide range of data storage objectives:

    • Manage growing amounts of data with limited headcount
    • Eliminate unused excess capacity adversely affecting IT investment ROI
    • Migrate data across multi-vendor arrays while keeping it accessible at all times
    • Deliver required service levels to business and applications according to storage attributes
    • Reduce total costs while improving SLA
    • Improve hardware platform utilization
    • Fail-safety and scalability
    • Flexibility and versatility

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