Comprehensive SLA-based IT Outsourcing

Comprehensive SLA-based Outsourcing of IT services involves transferring the majority of client's processes, resources and assets used in IT systems operation to an external vendor. This gives the client an opportunity to focus on their core business objectives by delegating all daily activities related to IT operation and modernization to a third-party provider, leaving themselves only strategic IT management.

Outsourcing all business processes related to IT service maintenance and development helps our clients to release significant financial and human resources while minimizing technology and organizational risks. Our versatile expertise, proficiency and expertise as a service provider help us expedite new product and service rollout and create a basis for continuous improvement of business-relevant IT services.

Asteros offers Comprehensive IT service Outsourcing including the following:

  • Preparing and signing a basic service contract with detailed SLA
  • Evaluating client's infrastructure and IT services
  • Transferring client's IT staff and asset management to Asteros Group
  • Transferring IT services and projects from the client to Asteros Group
  • Transformation of client's IT infrastructure
  • Daily IT service management and delivery
  • Further IT service development and improvement

Together with IT outsourcing, Asteros delivers development services for IT infrastructures, engineering and security systems, as well as client systems and business application integration and development.

Asteros uses ITIL/ITSM methodologies and best-in-class solutions such as HP OpenView Service Desk, BMC Remedy and SAP Crystal Reports to manage outsourced IT asset and service management business processes. To service the client’s requests, Asteros operates a multifunction call center based on Avaya platform. We take service calls via email, phone, fax and web interface. Our solution is enhanced with internal reporting tools and can be integrated with other customer's systems. The minimum term of an outsourcing contract is 3 years.

Comprehensive IT service outsourcing is the best solution for large commercial and governmental geographically distributed holdings needing to improve business efficiencies. The Asteros solution has been time proven in successful collaboration with large Russian manufacturers and electric power companies.

In one of our larger projects, MRSK Siberia outsourced IT assets maintenance to Asteros (30 thousand machines, 250 software packages, 8 business units, 304 remote facilities) with transferring the client’s IT personnel to Asteros’ payroll within 3 business days.

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