Surveillance Centers

Wrong decisions are costly in today's highly competitive economy. Surveillance Centers are efficient event monitoring and management decision-making tools used by large oil and gas, electric power and manufacturing enterprises as well as banking institutions and transportation companies. They help keep impact of crises under control. Surveillance Centers are designed to address time-critical challenges faced by governmental and municipal authorities such as preventing emergencies, reducing crime, ensuring safety of public areas and optimizing traffic.

KABEST, a member of Asteros Group, designs and builds unique Surveillance Centers as well as event monitoring and analysis centers customized to address specific needs of individual businesses and institutions.

Surveillance Centers allow:

  • Data acquisition, processing and analysis from multiple sources
  • Integrating heterogeneous IT systems into a single information environment
  • Performing analysis and expert evaluation of crisis situations
  • Modeling various management decisions and actions
  • Automating data preparation for decision support
  • Tracking implementation of business decisions

Benefits of deploying Surveillance Centers:

  • Availability of transparent management system for a complex geographically distributed structure
  • Improved decision-making performance (including operational, strategic, crisis management and tactical decisions)
  • Reduced management workload due to automation of routine operations
  • Increased investment attractiveness of the business

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