Cloud Security Audit

As the demand for cloud services rises, the competition in the industry is also increasing. One clear way to set your organization apart and above the rest, is to demonstrate the ability to meet the security and compliance needs of your customers. Asteros offers your organization a clear view of your cloud environment’s security posture.

As part of our cloud audit service, we perform hundreds of checks across multiple security domains including Security Best Practices, Hardening, Logging, Identity and Access Management, GDPR, HIPPA, and more. We not only identify common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, but also rogue server instances, logging and forensic readiness deficiencies, backdoor accounts and keys, and other often overlooked issues.

We work with the big three cloud platforms – AWS, Azure, GCP – as well as lesser used services such as Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Reports tailored to your organization’s unique needs enable faster response when correcting security misconfigurations, remediating vulnerabilities, or engaging incident response.