Author: Elizabeth Melton

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), or two-step verification, is one of the simplest ways to addprotection to your technology and data. By requiring an additional piece of information, or step, toestablish identity, systems are strengthened against the vulnerabilities that come with poor passwordand username practices. MFA employs a combination of various methods that can be used as […]

The business of cybercrime is becoming more and more sophisticated each day as hackers perfect their methods and discover new ways of taking advantage of unsuspecting users. In spite of the new and creative ways that these criminals devise to infiltrate businesses and organizations, a great number of attacks are still perpetrated with tried-and-true methods […]

The recent attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline has made “ransomware” a household word, but this cybercrime is nothing new. School districts have become particularly vulnerable to these attacks, which have increased substantially over the past year as schools shifted focus to provide remote learning for students. In a report published by the K-12 […]

A recent attack on the crisis management system of the Cobb County Georgia school district led to a code red lockdown, producing disruption and anxiety in several schools across the district. The cause of the breach was traced to an employee of the crisis management service whose access was exploited due to a weak password. […]

A cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline, a top US fuel supplier, has led to the shutdown of its entire network. According to Reuters, a prolonged shutdown of the pipeline will cause prices to rise drastically, negatively impacting the summer travel season and overall economy. Transporting over two million barrels each day, the pipeline links refiners throughout […]