Author: Elizabeth Gallimore

Remote work has revolutionized the way that we approach employment by allowing employees to work outside of a central location. It is a natural progression for the flexibility of remote work to expand to asynchronous work, which allows employees to perform outside of structured time parameters. Asynchronous work, or “asynch,” can drive retention and productivity […]

Third-party software can play an important role in filling in the gaps of proprietary systems and adding needed functionality to the technology program of a business or organization. When purchasing this software, it is tempting to think that they will do all of the security work for you but, time and time again, these products […]

Small businesses, organizations, and consumers are experiencing a growing risk from a form ofcyberattack known as “smishing.” This method uses SMS/text messaging to prey on unsuspecting usersemploying many of the same techniques that phishing uses through email systems. This type of hackingposes an increasing threat to businesses and organizations as greater numbers of employees use […]

GiveSendGo was started in 2013 as a small company designed to service the niche market of fundraisingfor Christian causes. As GoFundMe started to react to political pressures in regards to some of itscontroversial campaigns, GiveSendGo began receiving more attention as a possibility for crowdfundingneeds. The trickle of interest became a groundswell when GoFundMe refused to […]

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), or two-step verification, is one of the simplest ways to addprotection to your technology and data. By requiring an additional piece of information, or step, toestablish identity, systems are strengthened against the vulnerabilities that come with poor passwordand username practices. MFA employs a combination of various methods that can be used as […]

The business of cybercrime is becoming more and more sophisticated each day as hackers perfect their methods and discover new ways of taking advantage of unsuspecting users. In spite of the new and creative ways that these criminals devise to infiltrate businesses and organizations, a great number of attacks are still perpetrated with tried-and-true methods […]

The recent attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline has made “ransomware” a household word, but this cybercrime is nothing new. School districts have become particularly vulnerable to these attacks, which have increased substantially over the past year as schools shifted focus to provide remote learning for students. In a report published by the K-12 […]