Web Application Penetration Testing

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Web App Security is for busy people too! So here is a quick summary:
  • We do manual, hands-on testing that goes deep on vulnerability discovery.
  • Automation is used for breadth of coverage, never as a substitute for human expertise.
  • Reports are tailored to provide essential information to executives, developers, and asset-owners in a language they understand.
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With perimeters becoming more secure, exploiting web application vulnerabilities is a favorite way for attackers to gain footholds into networks and access sensitive data. Asteros’ web application penetration testing helps reduce organizational risk and improve overall application security.

Developer Focused

Through extensive manual testing with automation as an aid, final results are delivered free of false-positives leaving only actionable remediation guidance geared towards developers.

Actionable Results

Whether through detailed reports, executive dashboards, or filing tickets directly with developers – results are delivered how your organization best ingests data. No more tedious reports that never get read.

Asteros’ Approach

Penetration Testing

Avoid costly and humiliating breaches by assessing your applications from an attacker’s perspective. Asteros’ experts understand cybercrime and how attackers approach hacking applications and organizations.

Continuous Coverage

Plan and test throughout the SDLC to ensure security is incorporated into your product as a whole. Asteros provides expert consulting and security testing built for the planning, design, and implementation phases.

Small & Medium Business

Protect your customer data, prevent IP theft, and secure your brand’s reputation – without the costs of recruiting and retaining pricey in-house security engineers. Scale up as needed from one-off assessments to managed services to implement security throughout the SLDC.


Strengthen your application security program and reduce time between vulnerability discovery, remediation, and product launch. Incorporate Asteros’ cybersecurity expertise into the SDLC for continuous coverage.

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Compliance Based or Security Driven

Whether your penetration test is driven by regulatory compliance or an overall need for greater security, we go beyond a check box approach. All engagements identify areas of risks, opportunities for improvement, and simplify the remediation process for developers and asset-owners.

PCI Requirement 6
Asteros’ web application penetration tests may be used as evidence to satisfy sections of PCI requirement 6, such as:

Requirement 6.1 – “Establish a process to identify security vulnerabilities, using reputable outside sources, and assign a risk ranking to newly discovered security vulnerabilities.”

Requirement 6.6 – “Ensure all public-facing web applications are protected against known attacks, … by performing application vulnerability assessment at least annually and after any changes…”

SOC 2 Penetration Testing
Asteros’ penetration tests may be used to satisfy SOC 2 trust service criteria for risk evaluations.

SOC 2 CC4.1 – “Management uses a variety of different types of ongoing and separate evaluations, including penetration testing, independent certification made against established specifications (for example, ISO certifications), and internal audit assessments.”

SOC 2 CC7.1 – “The entity conducts vulnerability scans designed to identify potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations on a periodic basis and after any significant change in the environment and takes action to remediate identified deficiencies on a timely basis.” See Asteros’ Threat & Vulnerability Management »

HIPAA Penetration Testing
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires covered entities test their security controls through a risk evaluation. NIST specifically recommends conducting penetration testing where appropriate. Asteros’ penetration tests cover healthcare vulnerabilities and identification of PHI exposure that satisfies this recommendation.

HITRUST Penetration Testing
Our healthcare-focused penetration testing is accepted as part of a comprehensive risk assessment required for HITRUST certification. Testing uncovers vulnerabilities in healthcare systems, the level of protection around PHI, and demonstrates the effectiveness of technical controls implemented.

All Signal, No Noise

✅ Technical guidance written for developers

✅ Pinpoint vulnerabilities in code

✅ Real-life threat examples over theoretical exercises

✅ Hacker mindset and deep understanding of how cybercriminals work

❌ “Set and forget” reliance on vulnerability scanners

❌ Report filler and fluff, raw data without analysis

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